Hilco Streambank Patent Analysis and IP Strategy

Providing intellectual property strategy, patent monetization, valuation, and advisory services for patents & other technology.  

Hilco Streambank’s Patents & Technology team helps companies make strategic decisions about generating, leveraging, right-sizing, investing, and monetizing intellectual property and intangible assets. Our services include: 

Patent Mining & Monetization 

Our team has significant experience helping companies monetize intellectual property. To identify high-value assets, we use both AI software and internal metrics. Our team generates evidence of use, claim charts, and collateral to demonstrate the value of the technology. For each opportunity, we create a financial model, business case, and a plan to implement the program.

Patent Mining & Monetization 

A client with a large international portfolio covering various technologies was interested in identifying monetization opportunities.  Our taxonomy mapped the portfolio to the external competitive landscape and identified multiple opportunities to leverage the portfolio resulting in several royalty bearing licenses.

Portfolio Strategy & Patent Landscaping

Our intellectual property strategy projects help companies improve both their intellectual property portfolio and position. Competitive patent landscapes and value chain analyses identify white space for potential strategic generation, competitive risks, and lead to both short-term and long-term levers to improve the client’s intellectual property portfolio and position in the relevant segment.

Portfolio Strategy & Patent Landscaping

A middle market company in an emerging technology wanted to assess the strength of its portfolio and improve its IP position.  Our patent landscape identified white space for patent generation and opportunities to broaden the company’s patent fences, and the company is currently implementing the IP strategy.

Patent Licensing

Hilco Streambank has significant experience helping companies license intellectual property and employ various methods, including AI to identify potential licensees. Our team values each opportunity and tailors the offering materials for each licensee. Hilco Streambank’s ability to run a process to engage licensees in various fields, whether core to the company or in an adjacent segment, and create competitive bidding translates into significant value for our clients.

Patent Licensing

A start-up was interested in supplementing its go-to-market strategy with licensing revenue in adjacent market segments. Our competitive patent landscape identified multiple potential partners and the company entered into two royalty bearing license agreements as a result.

Portfolio Right-Sizing 

Hilco Streambank helps clients right-size their portfolios to match their current business objectives as well as reduce spend. We utilize the company’s existing taxonomy or use our internal expertise to organize and map the portfolio against product, revenue, and segment share, from which opportunities for rationalization of both core and non-core assets can be identified, as well as assets that could be otherwise monetized.

Portfolio Right Sizing 

A Fortune 500 client with a large international portfolio wanted to reduce spend and right-size its portfolio in various business units.  Our taxonomy approach to portfolio analysis helped identify assets with unneeded overlap, non-core assets, and non-strategic assets, as well as opportunities to generate revenue from the assets.

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